Reviews on the Internet ...

... are of course part of everyday life nowadays, we are happy about every positive evaluation
and worry if we get a less positive rating.

Rate us on or on Google of course how you like it and it would be wonderful,
if the ratings are always fair.

We are a small mountain hotel, almost on the summit at 2000 meters, where certain things are just a bit more difficult to organize than in a hotel in the middle of town. The transport of food is more limited, the storage of food is limited, but our kitchen will of course try everything again,
to satisfy you also culinary as always.

If you have any reason for complaint, please let us know so that we can solve any problems quickly so that you can have a great vacation with us at the Berghotel.
Please also keep in mind that the covid pandemic of the last few years has hit the hotel industry very hard. Very many people have left the hospitality industry, which is why it is incredibly difficult to find staff.
So we are very happy to have a very international team here in our hotel.

We have staff from Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria etc., maybe not all of them speak perfect German, but all of them are excellent in English and above all very motivated,
to make you have a good time up here with us!

At it is the case that rankings below 8 already have a negative effect on the booking behavior.
of upcoming guests, which is why we would of course be very grateful to you,
that if you are satisfied with our service, you would give us a rating of 8 or 9,
in the ideal case with 10 would evaluate, on which we would be naturally correctly proud.

On behalf of our entire family of employees, we thank you and hope,
that you will include all these things in your evaluations.

We are a 3 star mountain hotel at almost 2000 meters above sea level and we really do our best.
Please do not quite compare us to a hotel in the valley.